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    Artistry and Technique

    Everyone sees a picture differently: a bunch of pixels does not contain some kind of inherent Meaning, because the interpretation of an image exists only in the mind of the one seeing it. Details the photographer deems essential are usually not noticed by most people. The success of an image depends solely on a single variable: how does it make people feel? This is the photographer's problem, the solution to which is only discovered through years of study and practice. The photographer must master the technical aspects of the craft, until the myriad of decisions needing to be made during a shoot become second nature, and the artist is free to focus on the moment.

    Image is Everything

    Positive Reinforcement

    First Impressions

    The image is king in marketing: it's the first thing your customers see, which creates the initial snap judgement that makes or breaks the deal. It's the picture that determines whether they stay or leave. The most successful retailers understand this, and pay close attention to photography.

    The point being

    That the consumer instantly understands your brand's message on a visceral level. The specific information expressed by the image depends on the type of image, and its use: a product shot shows all the important details, a beauty or lifestyle shot projects a mood.

    Image Investment

    As images become ubiquitous the perceived value has dropped to almost nothing. Yet the demand for new pictures is at an all-time high. My work fills the niche between full production high-end shoots (which are prohibitively expensive), and DIY cell phone photography (which results in bad pictures). As an independent photographer I can charge a fraction of the rate usually paid for professional photography, with extremely high-end results.

    Miami commercial photographer

    Results guaranteed. Our images malways increase sales.


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    The best product photographer in Miami! I also shoot fitness photography. You can't beat me for cool conceptual lifestyle photography too...

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    Expert product photography. Professional retouching and image editing. Amazing styling and lighting! Ecommerce photography for serious businesspeople.

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    Creative Photography

    Goofing off in the studio.

    Creative Photography

    Had a really fun creative shoot last week with two amazing models: Katarina and Mike

    Still Life

    Still life looks at a master jeweler's tools: made for advertising Cronin Jewelers, Boulder.


    The thing I love about photography: no matter what you think or how much you plan the results will always surprise you. So I embrace the uncertainty and trust in my talent; the picture guides the process.

    How to photograph clear plastic

    Unless you have a large studio with long strip lights, it's impossible to capture a decent shot of something clear and reflective. My solution is to shoot the thing for its shape and opaque parts, and fake the rest.

    Click & Drag for 360 Fun!

    We're now offering 360 product views in partnership with a fantastic company called Imajize. Get in early for great introductory rates!

    New personal work

    Getting back to basics: landscapes. Natural Florida is beautiful and exotic but hard to see without a boat!

    Point & Shoot

    We also do portraits & events: check out Brian's site at Moment of Truth.

    Photo Editing Service

    Some clients prefer to take their own pictures and have us edit them. This image was shot by the designer Kevin Feldmann, who did 3 separate exposures for a nice even focus.

    The New Look of Klean Kanteen

    We just finished a large shoot for the 2015 line - look for our images on their website, and in the catalog!

    Enjoying Colorado

    It seems to get harder to escape into the mountains, as business grows. But at least I was there that magical morning, as the August monsoon gave way to crisp clear fall. See the results on Flickr here...

    Freeskier Buyer's Guide 2015

    Finishing up a large print job - look for Freeskier at your local shop!

    Say Yes to Everything

    I don't do a lot of events - I find wedding photography too demanding. But occasionally people will ask for a favor, and I'm happy to oblige. My son's school needed some new pictures for their marketing, so I brought my camera - a wonderful excuse to break out the big 85mm!

    Making The Most of the Holiday Weekend

    The greatest landscape photographers do a lot of hiking in the dark. For this shot I rose at 3am and started hiking around 4:20, to get to Blue Lake before the sunrise. After getting lost 3 or 4 times I finally made it with time to spare...

    It's Easy

    When you have a model like this living in your house, you use him!


    Always attempting to find something new in the over-saturated world of macro flowers…


    I love teaching passionate people how to take better pictures - this week I spent 3 hours with the wonderful folks at Cecilia Gonzales Jewelry in Coconut Grove, showing them how simple and easy it is to create very attractive shots of their merchandise. We covered every step: from setup and styling to lighting, capture, raw processing, and retouch. This image took 2 minutes to shoot and less than 10 to edit!

    Why product photography is so important

    When a web page first loads, what is the first thing people see? The title? The price? No - it's the picture. If the picture sucks are they likely to stick around long enough to see your fantastic prices? No. But if the image is compelling enough, the price doesn't matter: if they want the product enough they're going to buy it. On the internet, the picture sells the product, period. That's why you need great photography, and why you can't afford to DIY it - by the time you buy yourself a camera and spend days trying to get it to look good, you've already overspent your budget and you still have shitty pictures. That's why BMP exists!

    Other fun stuff

    One of my favorite things to do is landscape photography: I love being out in the world with my tripod, camera, and a couple of lenses. It's always fun to see what there is around you, and look for ways to frame it. Unlike dedicated landscape photographers though, I strongly dislike getting up in the middle of the night. So I do what I can when the opportunity strikes!

    The 5 Greatest American Musicians

    1. Miles Davis

    Perhaps the single most influential musician of the 20th century.

    2. James Brown

    Created the sound that became Hip Hop.

    3. Louis Armstrong

    Should be first on the list.

    4. Duke Ellington

    Composer, band leader, piano player: a towering figure.

    5. Frank Zappa

    Yes, he could really play guitar. No, he never took a shit onstage.


    The best street photographers seem like magicians: Garry Winogrand appeared to posses some kind of ability to have his lens pointed and in focus at exactly the perfect moment. But I enjoy sticking my point-and-shoot out the window of my car.

    Photographing jewelry & watches

    Taking pictures of jewelry and watches can be a lot more difficult than it seems - doing it right requires many lights, many exposures, and a lot of practice. Considering the prevalence of jewelry retailers on the web, you would think the standard would be higher for product imaging. But the abundance of bad jewelry and watch photos on the web is a testament to the degree of difficulty: professional help is an option!

    The 5 Greatest English Language Novels

    1. James Joyce "Ulysses"

    May be the only work of fiction to feature all the basic bodily functions in a single book.

    2. Ken Kesey "Sometimes a Great Notion"

    Similar to Joyce, this book flutuates from the thoughts of one character to another, but in Oregon.

    3. Joseph Heller "Catch-22"

    If you're not laughing hard by the second page of this one, just forget it.

    4. J. R. R. Tolkien "The Lord of the Rings"

    Just try to forget the movies.

    5. Harper Lee "To Kill a Mockingbird"

    The great American novel.

    Infrared filter

    I love doing landscape photography with an infrared filter on the lens… Instead of using an altered camera with the hot mirror removed, I compensate with long exposures: usually 2 to 3 minutes each. The result is always unpredictable, full of surprises. Every aspect of the process is totally different from normal shooting. My particular filter passes a range of false color that crosses two and a half color bands, which can be separated and processed differently. A whole bunch of this stuff may be viewed on Flickr

    Clevery embedded keywords: key to Success

    (subject to change without notice)

    The more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes; that any kind of ranking of "greatest photographers" must end up completely subjective, and therefore a waste of time. Today there are so many incredible artists working in so many different ways, it becomes impossible to know even a fraction of them all. Even to know the top perfomers among Miami photographers seems daunting. But you have to start somewhere...

    Drawn From The Water

    This is the present title of my Tumblr blog... a random collection of images and poetry. This particular blog post is simply an excuse to include a picture of Hank.

    How does image quality affect sales?

    This is the crux of the biscuit in my business: the whole enchilada. I believe better pictures equal higher sales in eCommerce, but I don't actually have a shred of empirical data to back this up. If anyone has a clue to the way of quantifying image quality vs. bottom line I would give an arm to know! Please contact me at bmcd17@yahoo.com, or write through the contact form here on brianmcdougall.com!!!


    I care even more about my clients and friends, and the greatest success for me is to see others succeed. I love to share my knowledge and ideas with anyone, knowing that doing so will open new worlds of knowledge and ideas to me. I feel good about my work, but I always remember that I can do better. People will respond to vulnerability. Be transparant, and do things no-one else can.

    Paradigm Shift: an hypothesis

    Today in the year 2014, everybody is a photographer: we all walk around with cameras in our pockets, and tens (if not hundreds) of millions of pictures and videos are uploaded to the web every minute.

    What does this mean?

    As the sheer volume of photographers multiplies so quickly, the average quality of all images goes down, and the easier it is to stand out with any image that looks better than all the rest. Proof lies in the fact that anything I put on ebay sells at above average price: the only difference between me and other sellers is the picture.

    Latest of Bill Cronin's rings

    These were shot as part of a large-format campaign for Cronin Jewelers in Boulder; they'll be seen on the backs and sides of the local and regional RTD buses this spring…

    That's it, folks!



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    Why good imaging means higher profits

    PICTURES SELL PRODUCT! From the moment a customer's eyes hit your page, you have less than a second to grab them: what do they see first? The photo. Each second you retain the consumer's attention the click-thru rate increases dramatically. This is why product photography is so important!

    We create images that:
    • show your product in a way that people can understand what it is, instantly.
    • maximize the frame and pop off the screen.
    • are the right size and shape.
    • are guaranteed to increase your sales!
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      When you work with us you're investing in your vision: we get behind you and follow your lead. Not only do we allow creative input from our clients, we go out of our way to ask for it. Who knows your product better than you do? Our job is to share in your vision and show your stuff to the world. We take all the stress out of getting pictures, and guarantee that you'll stand out in the crowd. Your competition will wonder how you did it, when they find themselves so far behind...